The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble

The Jelly That Wouldn't Wobble

It’s Princess lolly’s 89th birthday and she orders the royal jelly to be brought in. The trouble is the jelly doesn’t want to be eaten and refuses to wobble! Brilliantly illustrated by Sarah Horne we firmly believe this will be a favourite book for many children for years to come.
Nominated for ‘The People’s Book Prize’

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Angela Mitchell works in the Library Service and is in contact with children and children’s books all the time. So it is a double pleasure for us to be publishing Angela’s first book. Angela lives in London and is looking forward to be able to be able to do book readings and events to children in the London area.

This is such a fantastic book. It’s an absolutely hilarious debut book from Angela Mitchell, who also works as a Librarian (my dream job!). I love that the Princess is 89 years old but is still as spoilt as a child. Her birthday badge simply states “I rule!” The illustrations by Sarah Horne are wonderful and really bring to life this colourful and comical tale. Her characterisations are perfectly drawn and add to the whole slapstick spectacle. It really was a joy to read. Now I can’t wait to tuck in to a bowl of glorious wibbly wobbly jelly. Let the party begin!

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